Fire & Grill BBQ

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  • Fire & Grill BBQ
  • Fire & Grill BBQ
  • Fire & Grill BBQ
  • Fire & Grill BBQ
  • Fire & Grill BBQ


The Fire & Grill has the perfect cooking grill that swings out so you can easily place your food on without getting burnt. You can use charcoal or wood logs to cook, either work perfectly for a fantastic cooking experience. There are also 2 handy shelves to put condiments on, gloves or other necessary cooking utensils. One shelf swings out from underneath, which gives you extra space. There's also space to store plates. 


As well as being perfect for your summer parties, the Fire and Grill also doubles up as a fire pit. Making it the ideal addition to your long, cosy summer nights.


• Spark guard if you need to protect any combustible surfaces the stove may be stood on.
• Made of double-sided enamelled steel, with stainless steel elements.
• The firebox is lined with materials fireproof up to 1250° C, resistant to high temperatures.
• Due to its construction and composition, the outdoor Fire & Grill barbecue can be exposed to all weather conditions, including rain, snow, etc.
• The barbecue’s 4 wheels (2 mobile, 2 static) make mobility easy.

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Overall Height (A):
Overall Width (B):
Overall Depth (C):
Cooking Area:
520mm - 330mm
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