Teak Care & Protection

Even premium quality garden furniture needs a little TLC now and then, so it’s important that you take care of teak garden furniture - so that it can appear brand new for years to come. 

It’s safe to say that our range is the best treatment for teak, making it easier than ever to ensure that your additions stay lovely! You’ll find everything you need to maintain, preserve and protect your solid teak garden furniture right here on this page.

Enhance your garden furniture for the better with our incredible range of solid teak care and protection range. See below for more information on what each product can do for your solid teak furniture additions. 

Teak Shield 
Our Golden Care Teak Shield is a professional formula that’s specially designed to protect your solid teak furniture from any potential damage caused by spillages - so, say goodbye to worrying about discolouration or stains when you use Teak Shield! 

Teak Shield will also work to protect the natural beauty and colouring that solid teak furniture is renowned for, enhancing a gorgeous shade of patina grey for much longer. 

Top tip - use our Teak Shield to protect your indoor furniture, as it’ll work just as well! 

Teak Cleaner & Protector 
Our fantastic Golden Care Teak Cleaner is the perfect water-based formula to thoroughly clean furniture, and it’ll also work to brighten discoloured teak and hardwood. A great solution for those who want their outdoor furniture to appear brand new once again!

Our Golden Care Teak Protector will provide you with a non-oily and non-greasy professional protection solution, specially designed to deliver hassle-free maintenance to the honey brown colouring that comes with new solid teak garden furniture - preserving an immaculate appearance for much longer than if you were to not use this Teak Protector. 

Our Golden Care Teak Protector is also EcoSafe - which means that the formula is completely water-based and solvent-free.

So, what are you waiting for? Start protecting your solid teak garden furniture today with our unbeatable care & protection range.

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  1. Teak Cleaner - 1 Litre
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  2. Teak Shield - 1 Litre
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  3. Teak Protector - 1 Litre
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  4. Teak Care Kit - 1 Litre Bottles
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